Discipline determines your Destiny

Mon, October 31, 2022 8:36 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Sometimes, it's not about the harvest but about the experience, and as a life-long hunter, the experience of the adventure is the key component of the hunt for me!

We were hosted this weekend at the La Fonda Ranch in Brackettville and stayed at one of the most exceptional lodges you could ever imagine. Regardless of age, whether you are a new hunter or hunted all of your life, there's no way you couldn't have admired this place. 

We took 7 young men on a Youth Deer Hunt and because of the significant drought this past summer and the freeze last winter, the Whitetail fawn population has suffered, so we were limited to the number of animals we could hunt and pursue. This made it tough, but the challenge was well worth the pursuit, and I believe truly taught these kids that it's not always about killing an animal. Just being able to sit back and see God's handiwork and what He has created is just as much worth the time and effort to honor Him.

Our campfire devotion was broken into two subjects this weekend, talking about the value of our lives and the discipline that we instill or sow into ourselves. We have been created in God's image and likeness; therefore, no one regardless of age or our position in life is any less valuable than another. God knew you before he placed you in your mother's womb! Before you were born, you were given a destiny, which means you "make firm" or "establish." However, if we develop a discipline to pursue carnal desires of this world, we can separate ourselves from God's purpose and His destiny for our lives. When we establish good disciplines in our lives, we build character, and it enables us to live an orderly and fulfilling life.

If you were going to live a disciplined life, what area of your life would you change first? What do you need to change to build Godly discipline?

Don't allow yourself to be involved in anything that is not going to build you up into a Godly person.

What an incredible weekend in God's great outdoors! I cannot express my thanks enough to Todd for your willingness and continued effort to allow us the opportunity to hunt this amazing ranch and true gift of God!

Thank you for your support -

Big thanks to our Volunteers and Sponsors for your time and support of this unique ministry that is sharing our Faith in Jesus Christ, using God's creation to reach kids. On to our next adventure!

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