Everything our Soul Needs

Tue, November 14, 2017 9:43 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Jesus Christ's death and resurrection supply us with everything our Soul needs in this life...and the life to come.

Cross Trail Outfitters of Texas was blessed to have spent its 6th straight year hunting and sharing the Gospel on Carl and Bobbie Jones' Almosta Nexta Ranch in Mountain Home, Texas. The Jones', along with their son, Matt, were more than hospitable hosts...they made available every opportunity for the boys to not only have a most memorable time, but also give them the green light on deer that they would not otherwise be able to hunt.

The weather was cool and foggy and we had our guides, Jason Carl-Robert Dickens, fresh out of the mountains of Colorado, as well as CTO Nueces County Outfitter Dave Kahil and Apprentice Guide candidate - Wyatt Buckman.

Six boys from cities such as Boerne, San Antonio, Spring Branch and New Braunfels came together to have a great time with each other, their guides, the landowners and our God! Two first time deer hunters learned gun safety, our TicTacToe shot placement strategy and overall execution of a clean, quick dispatch. We ate good, left the place better than we found it and overall had a blast in the process. 

Our questions for the weekend centered around Jesus Christ's death and resurrection...and what each of those events mean to us. The young men participated well and their responses showed depth as well as a personal connection to Christ and these miraculous events in history as well as now and the age to come.

We read from Isaiah 53, where some 700 years before Christ's birth, He was prophesied as being pierced and crushed in our place...the righteous in place of the unrighteous, the living shepherd in place of the lost sheep, the exalted king in the place of the rebel subjects.

In 1 Corinthians 15:13,14 we read where if Christ is not risen, then our preaching and our faith is in vain. Everything we believe is based upon these facts and without these our hope for redemption and resurrection is false...since it all would be useless and could save no one.

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